Essential Candles

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About Us

Welcome to the world of candles.

These amazing candles not only look and smell beautiful there are so many lovely fragrances and jars to choose from. They make wonderful last minute gifts. Pamper yourself with some beautiful aromas, a lovely way to relax and end the day. The soy candles burn cleanly releasing no toxins into the air. They burn 25 - 50% longer then paraffin candles. This natural environmentally friendly wax is biodegradable and all containers can be washed with hot, soapy water to be reused. Refills also available.

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Choose a jar
- Swirl
- Mirror crackle  
- Pearl                                                 
- Square
- Pear glass                                   
- White teacup
- Snap                                      
- Tealights
- Candalina (Medium/Large)
- Frosted metro (Baby/Large) 

Choose a colour
- White
- Green
- Pink
- Purple
Also available in two tone


Choose a fragrance
- Lime basil and mandarin                       
- White tea and lavender
- Grapefruit and lime                      
- Sweet lemon grass
- Rose                                               
- Fresh cut lemon
- Hawaiian Breeze                                   
- Mango
- Orange blossom                                   
- Vanilla light
- Coffee                          
- Chocolate                           
- Gardenia 
- Jasmine
- Frangipani               
- Fig and melon
- White musk  
- Green tea
- Green Tea & Lemongrass

Like the Perfume:
- Jadore
- Red Door                      
- Charlie
- Dolce and Gabbanna                            
- Chanel no.5
- Beautiful
- Opium

And you have created your own unique candle




"Essential Candles smell absolutely beautiful." -- Monica, Fawkner

"Whenever my girlfriends come over, the first thing they comment on is the fantasic aromas of Essential Candles." --  Danielle, Doncaster

"It was so difficult to find candles that had a long burning time until I found Essential Candles." -- Anna, Essedon

"Excellent idea for gifts and special occasions; my guests loved the candles as bomboniere. Thanks Essential Candles." -- Hannah, Coburg 


- Lemon Zest
- Eaucalyptus & Spearmint
- Honey Suckle Jasmine
- Coconut Lime
- Lemongrass & Ginger
- Orange & Vanilla
- French Vanlla
- White Lilac Lavender
- Margarita
- French Lavemder
- Melon Slices
- Strawberry Jam
- Sage Flower
- Orange Lemon
- Japanese Honeysuckle
- Vanilla Cashmere
- Little Black Dress
- Caramel Apple
- Strawberry

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